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Annas Gardens

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Anna Bole
Design, SEO, CSS/xhtml, Javascript, jQuery, CMSMS

Annas Gardens website

The Anna's Gardens website was designed and created with full Content Management System (CMS), allowing the client to update the site whenever they wish.

My client, Anna Bole, had a very clear vision of what she would like to achieve from her new website. Maximising Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was uppermost in my mind when I created it, in line with Anna's wishes to be as high up on the first page of Google as possible. She also asked for "something fancy" for the page titles and I chose to utilise some unusual and rather ornate fonts. Initially I considered using images instead, but this would have meant anyone updating the site later would need to find suitable images every time they added a new page or modified the titles. I created a dynamic solution for the fonts and they are easily replaced on the fly using a simple javascript. Images are also changed automatically whenever the titles or content are updated. In this way, the client has less to worry about and can focus on running their business and not the website itself.

The entire site has been fully tested under IE6, 7 and 8 as well as Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.