Front end work for Skillstrain Competition 2007

Skillstrains competition

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Skillstrain Competition
Design, Photoshop, xhtml/CSS, Javascript

Skillstrain competition 2007

This one still makes me feel very proud. Believe it or not, I won this competition, beating 250 other participants.

It was great to get the call from my college tutor and hear the news : what a fantastic feeling ... and that's not even mentioning the prize, either :)

What the judges were looking for: "Many issues will be looked at including the layout, color schemes, quality of images used, XHTML validity. Another positive point would be if the individual has shown a high level of unique creativity. As this is a design competition the content is not so important"

In addition, there were some other criteria to take into account:

  • The size of the website had to be less then 2Mb
  • Server side technology - such as php or asp - could not be used
  • The website had to contain a maximum of five pages.

I think I won because I used a layered approach to the site and that's a hallmark of a lot of my work even now. Though I may be restricted to five pages I was still able to apply three different designs through the use of javascript and I was really pleased with the Basic/Day/Night scheme on the front page.

The entire site has been fully tested under IE6, 7 and 8 as well as Opera, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.